Yacht Handling

We provide the best yacht handling service in the Maldives.



Our staff will inform the concerned authorities about the yacht’s arrival, anchoring and harboring details. We will look after all the paperwork of the inward and outward clearance of the Yacht.


Maldives Safari ensures the refueling of the yachts in the supervision of the expert petroleum professionals. We also provide international quality lubricants for the vessels.

We deliver fuel that is specifically approved for the ships and yachts; thereby our fuel is safe for all vessels.


We manage all the maintenance of the yachts in the guidance of a trained team. From the cleaning and organizing the interior to the yacht to the repairing and spare parts, we serve it all.


Maldives Safari provide services for the crews and passengers such as laundry and dry cleaning. We offer diving guides, instructional services and official paperwork for cruise permitting.

In addition to all the above-mentioned services, we provide information and support in all matters relating to tourism.